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Catherine Régis

Associate Academic Member
Full Professor, Université de Montréal, Canada CIFAR AI Chair

Catherine Régis is a full professor of law at the University of Montreal, holder of a Canada-CIFAR Chair in AI (Mila) and a Canada Research Chair in health law and policy. She is an Associate Academic Member at Mila and the Director of social innovation and international policy at IVADO. She is an Expert Member for the Responsible AI Working Group of the Global Partnership on AI (GPAI), a group she has co-chaired from 2021 to 2023, and she leads the human-centred AI work for the U7+, an academic alliance gathering more than 50 universities worldwide. Catherine also participated in the creation of the Montreal Declaration for a responsible development of artificial intelligence as a member of its scientific committee. Her work focuses on global AI governance, the regulation of AI in health care systems and on the integration of human rights approaches in AI.

Recent Publications

Colleen FLOOD and Catherine RÉGIS, «Artificial intelligence and Health Law» dans T. SCASSA et F. MARTIN-BARITEAU (dir.), Artificial Intelligence and the Law in Canada, Lexis Nexis (accepted for publication in August 2020).

Lyse LANGLOIS et Catherine RÉGIS, «Analyzing the Contribution of Ethical Charters to Building the Future of Artificial Intelligence Governance» dans B. BRAUNSCHWEIG et M. GHALLAB (dir.), Reflections on AI for Humanity, Springer (accepted for publication in September 2020).