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Professional DESS

7 Nov 2019

Professional DESS

How can I apply to the program?

The first step of the application process is to complete the online Mila application form. We will send a message acknowledging that we have received the application and a professor will examine your application. If you are accepted at Mila, you will then need to complete an application to University of Montreal’s DESS in Machine Learning (internship option – program 217-512). Note that there will be very little time between the date you are informed of acceptance to the Mila program and the University of Montreal deadline, you are encouraged to prepare your application for Montreal University at the same time as you prepare the one for Mila. If you are accepted, you should start the student permit / visa process as soon as possible (unless you are a Canadian citizen or permanent resident).

What are the admission dates?

  • You need to fill the Mila application form before December 1st. If you are selected by Mila, after receiving your notification from Mila, you should officially apply to the program at UdeM before February 1st.

Is Mila selecting the Professional DESS students ?

  • Yes, the selection for the professional programs are handled by MILA, the official admission process is then handled by DIRO and UdeM.

When is the application recruitment period?

  • From October 15th to December 1st through the MILA application form.

When do we get to know that  we are selected by Mila?

  • Around 2 months after finalizing your Mila application.

Duration of the Professional DESS program?

  • 1 year plus 4 months of internship, but it could also be 1 year including the internship.

Is it possible to follow this program on a part time basis?

  • Yes

What’s the admission term?

  • Only in Fall.

What’s the tuition fees for UdeM?

Do Professional DESS student get a scholarship from Mila?

  • No

Where can I get some Financial support?

Do we need a GRE certification?

  • Not necessary in order to get admitted to the program.

Do I need to speak French to follow the program?

  • No, although learning French would be an asset for you if you chose the Quebec job market and to find an internship.

What are the prerequisites for the admission?

  • GPA 3 and more, Computer science, programming, mathematics, background and DL, ML is a bonus.

Do I have the opportunity to take courses offered at other universities affiliated with Mila?

  • Yes, however, this is not specific to Mila. Students from a Quebec university can enroll in courses at other Quebec universities through a program called BCI. To complete your 2 open electives, you can use this option to register for courses at McGill, Concordia, Poly, HEC;

Is the program offered to international students?

  • Yes, We encourage international students to apply.