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7 Nov 2019

PhD research

Admission date?

  • Please follow UdeM’s admission calendar.

How long will it take before I could get an answer about my application from UdeM?

  • It takes from 1 month to 2 months, this admission process is handled by the university  of Montreal so Mila isn’t involved in this process, for further details, you should contact the admission department.

Is Mila selecting the Research PhD students?

  • Yes.

I am a senior bachelor student, so can I apply for the PhD. program similar to US universities (PhD. direct) or I should apply for the M.Sc. Program?

  • In only very rare cases it’s possible.
  • Normally, if you hold a bachelor’s degree from the US, you must apply for the M.Sc., in Quebec. With the possibility of a fast track to the PhD. program, if you qualify for it, you can switch to the PhD. program after 1 year of the MSc program.
  • Typically, a PhD in the US takes about the same amount of time as a MSc + a PhD at Mila.

When is  MILA recruiting grad research students?

  • From October 15h to December 15th.

When will I get an answer from Mila?

  • From February to March, sometimes early April.

What are the admission terms?

  • Fall, Winter, Summer.

What’s the duration of PhD?

  • 5 years.

What’s the tuition fees for UdeM?

Do I get a scholarship from Mila?

  • Yes.

I’m I allowed to get other or more scholarship?

  • Yes, and we encourage that.

Where can I get some Financial support?

Do I have the possibility to get a teaching assistant position?

  • Yes.

Do we need a GRE certification?

  • Not necessary in order to get admitted to the program, although learning french would be an asset for you if you chose the Montreal job market.

What are the prerequisites for the admission?

  • GPA 3 and more, Computer science, programming, mathematics, DL, ML background.

Is the program offered to international students?

  • Yes.
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