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26 Nov 2018

MAIN 2018 (Montreal Artificial Intelligence & Neuroscience)

MAIN 2018 is coming up soon! The event will take place between Dec 9-12th at the University of Montreal (9-10th: Lectures by internationally leading scientists at the intersection between AI and Neuroscience [K-500 Pav Roger Gaudry], 11-12th Hands-on training by experts in the field at CRIUGM). You can sign up just for the lectures, just the training, or both.
For more information on the invited speakers, scientific program, abstract submission, etc. please check out the conference website: MAIN 2018
The deadline for abstract submission is Tuesday Nov 27th. A few abstracts will be selected for a short oral presentation. Several prizes will be awarded for best posters and best oral presentations.
Fees are reimbursed to Mila students.
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Looking forward to welcoming you at MAIN 2018!
MAIN 2018 Organizing Committee
Karim Jerbi, Jean-Marc Lina, Pierre Bellec, Guillaume Lajoie, Bratislav Misic, Andrea Green & Pascal Vincent
MAIN 2018 is brought to you thanks to the generous support of its partners and sponsors: IVADO-MILA, HBHL, Neuromod, RBIQ, IBM Watson, Perform/Concordia, Google Deepmind, Facebook, UdeM (VRRDCI/FAS), CRM, etc.


DAY 1 – Dec 9th    K-500 Amphitheater – Pavillon Roger Gaudry – Université de Montréal

8:30 Opening day 1 – A word from organizers and sponsors
8:45 Dr Danilo Bzdok (Aachen University, Germany) “Statistics wars in imaging neuroscience: classical inference vs. pattern generalization”
9:30 Dr Pamela Douglas (UCLA) “Building Brain Computational Models”
10:15 Pause
10:35 Special Announcements
10:45 Dr Irina Rish (IBM Watson Research, NY, USA) “Modeling Brain Dynamics: van der Pol, LSTMs and beyond”
11:30 Keynote 1: Dr Yves Fregnac (CNRS, Paris) “From Big-data driven simulation of the Brain and artificial intelligence to the myth of transhumanism”
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Dr Susanna Still (Machine Learning Lab, Univ Hawaii) “From metabolic efficiency to rules of information processing” (TBC)
14:30 Dr Ben D. Huh (MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab, Cambridge, MA, USA) “Exploring the space of spike-based computations”
15:15 Dr Dan Yamins (NeuroAILab, Stanford Neurosciences Institute) “Cognitively Inspired Artificial Intelligence for Neuroscience”
16:15 Keynote 2: Dr Yoshua Bengio (Mila/UdeM) “Inspiration from Brains for Deep Learning and Inspiration from Deep Learning for Brains”
17:15 Round table discussion/debate
17:45 MAIN Cocktails + Posters
DAY 2 – Dec 10th    K-500 Amphitheater – Pavillon Roger Gaudry – Université de Montréal

8:30 Opening day 2 – A word from organizers and sponsors
8:45 Dr Pascal Vincent (Mila/Facebook/UdeM) “Introduction to Deep Learning”
9:30 Dr Blake Richards (Toronto) “A deep learning recipe for neuroscience”
10:15 Pause
10:35 Special Announcements
10:45 Dr Michael Mozer (Univ Boulder Colorado, USA) – “Long-term memory in humans and machines: On the benefits of forgetting”
11:30 Keynote 3: Dr Tatyana Sharpee (Salk Institute for Biological Studies, San Diego) “Elements of cortical computation that enhance robustness of object recognition”
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Dr Sebastian Stober (Artificial Intelligence Lab, University Magdeburg) “Bridging Deep Learning & Cognitive Neuroscience – From Method Transfer to Hybrid Modeling”
14:30 Dr Alexandre Gramfort (INRIA, Université Paris Saclay, France) “Learning representations from neural signals”
15:15 Dr Radoslaw Martin Cichy (Free University Berlin, Germany) “Do DNNs in cognitive science make sense?”
16:15 Keynote 4: Dr Doina Precup (Mila/McGill/DeepMind) “Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning in computers and brains”
17:15 Student prizes
19:00 MAIN Party time (Details TBA