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Sunand Raghupathi

Visiting Research Intern, Visiting Student, Université de Montréal

I am a visiting research intern on the Visualizing Climate Change team, supervised by Prof. Yoshua Bengio and Dr. Sasha Luccioni.

I’ve been working on various topics in image-to-image translation, conditional image synthesis, self-supervised learning, and domain adaptation to help make the effects of climate change more visceral. In the meantime, I am completing a bachelors degree in Applied Physics at Columbia University where I’ve worked in the Creative Machines Lab on predictive vision and speech synthesis, and more recently in the Center for Theoretical Neuroscience where I’ve been focusing on 3D pose estimation and multi-view geometry.

I’m heavily influenced by the principles of Effective Altruism. In the long term, I’m interested in AI safety and alignment research as well as impactful applications of machine learning.