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Albert Orozco Camacho

Doctorat - Concordia University
Superviseur⋅e principal⋅e


ComplexDataLab at W-NUT 2020 Task 2: Detecting Informative COVID-19 Tweets by Attending over Linked Documents
Kellin Pelrine
Jacob Danovitch
Albert Orozco Camacho
Given the global scale of COVID-19 and the flood of social media content related to it, how can we find informative discussions? We present … (voir plus)Gapformer, which effectively classifies content as informative or not. It reformulates the problem as graph classification, drawing on not only the tweet but connected webpages and entities. We leverage a pre-trained language model as well as the connections between nodes to learn a pooled representation for each document network. We show it outperforms several competitive baselines and present ablation studies supporting the benefit of the linked information. Code is available on Github.