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Nishanth Anand

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Student Ph.D.

I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at McGill University and Mila, Montreal, Canada. My primary research is in Reinforcement Learning, both deep and non-deep and I am supervised by Prof. Doina Precup.

My goal is to teach AI agents how to selectively attribute success or failure to the decisions taken in the past. In other words, I am interested in solving the temporal credit assignment problem in reinforcement learning.

In the future, I believe AI can solve many problems across several domains and make our lives easy. I also like to think that we would be synergistically living with AI agents in the future.

Prior to Ph.D., I completed my MSc in Computer Science at McGill University. I worked on a couple of techniques to solve temporal credit assignment as a part of my thesis.

I obtained a bachelor’s degree in telecommunication engineering at PES Institue of Technology, Bangalore, India. After graduation, I worked in the AI team at Fractal Analytics for two years.