Our “Tea Talks”

Mila organizes weekly tea talks generally on Friday at 10:30 in the auditorium. These talks are technical presentations aimed at the level of Mila researchers on a variety of subjects spanning machine learning and are open to the public.

If you’re interested in giving a tea talk, please email .

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The schedule for previous and upcoming talks as well as some of the presentation slides are available below.


Dates [M/D/Y]
Fri 20 September10h30Gael VaroquauxMila AgoraDirtyData: statistical learning on non-curated databases
Fri 27 September10h30Yoshua Bengio & Sasha LucioniMila AgoraHow AI Can Save the World, or AI and the Climate Crisis
Fri 4 October10h30Blake RuchardsMila Agora
Fri 11 October10h30Mila Agora
Fri 18 October10h30Joseph Jay WilliamsMila AgoraCombining Reinforcement Learning & Human Computation for A/B Experimentation: Perpetually Enhancing and Personalizing User Interfaces
Fri 25 October10h30Cătălina CangeaMila Agora
Fri 1 November10h30Aristide BaratinMila Agora
Fri 8 November10h30Xavier BoutheillerMila Agora
Fri 15 November
Fri 22 November
Fri 29 November10h30Alain DagherMila Agora
Fri 6 December10h30Neurips Lightning talksMila Agora
Fri 13 December
Fri 20 December
Thu 3 January

Available slides