Our “Tea Talks”

Mila organizes weekly tea talks generally on Friday at 10:30 in the auditorium. These talks are technical presentations aimed at the level of Mila researchers on a variety of subjects spanning machine learning and are open to the public.

If you’re interested in giving a tea talk, please email .

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The recordings and slides (when available) of previous talks are available here.

The schedule for previous and upcoming talks as well as some of the presentation slides are available below.

10h30Barath RamsundarOnlineOpen sourcing medicine discovery with deepchem
Fri 9 October10h30Colin RaffelOnlineTransfer Learning for NLP : T5 and beyond
Fri 16 October10h30Gal ChechikOnlineA causal view of compositional zero-shot visual recognition
Fri 30 October10h30Siamak RavabakhshOnlineCompositionality of Symmetry in Deep Learning
Fri 6 November10h30Irina HigginsOnlineUnsupervised deep learning identifies semantic disentanglement in single inferotemporal face patch neurons
Fri 13 November10h30Guillaume RabusseauOnline
Fri 20 November10h30Lucas LenhertOnline

Available slides

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