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Arian Khorasani

Étudiant Maîtrise, Université de Montréal

currently a Master’s student at Mila and the University of Montreal under the supervision of Professor Irina Rish and Professor Simon de Montigny

I’m working on Clinical in Machine Learning based on Cardiorespiratory and Simulation, using adapted Machine Learning algorithms, Scaling laws technique, and Time Series models. Collaborating with the CHU Sainte_Justine research center in Montreal. besides this super interested in Large Language Models (LLMs), large scale models, Neural Scaling Laws of deep network properties with increasing amounts of data, parameters, and compute, and also Time Series Transformers. 

Apart from the research area, I would like to do teaching assistance to transfer my knowledge to other students and gain new experiences. currently, I’m doing this position at the University of Montreal and Mila. Also, I’d like to connect with new people around the world in the AI ​​area to see how they’re developing their tasks.