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Raymond Chua

Student Ph.D., McGill University

I am a PhD student supervised by Doina Precup and Blake Richards. My main research interest is understanding how representations, episodic memories and various mechanisms such as predictive coding and replay can motivate efficient hierarchal reinforcement learning and planning. I work primarily on machine learning problems using insights from the neuroscience community.

I organise the Neural-AI Reading Group at Mila where we meet on Fridays to discuss research papers in the domain of neuroscience and AI. I am also a member of the student affairs committee of Unifying Neuroscience and Artificial Intelligence – Québec (UNIQUE), where we organise events to foster collaborations between the neuroscience and AI communities in Quebec, Canada.

In 2019, I organized a NeurIPS workshop on Biological and Artificial Reinforcement Learning with Feryal Behbahani, Sara Zannone, Claudia Clopath, Rui Ponte Costa, Blake Richards and Doina Precup.

Before coming to McGill and Mila, I spent several years pursuing my Master’s at the Technical University of Munich, Germany, including stints with Walter Senn at University of Bern and Rui Ponte Costa at the University of Bristol.