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Félix Therrien

Scientist, Applied Research Team

My goal is to facilitate the discovery of functional materials used in technologies that have the potential to mitigate climate change. To do so, I develop and use theoretical and machine learning models to simulate the physical properties of existing materials and generate new ones. This helps quickly identify, in silico, the most promising materials to accelerate their synthesis in the lab.

I completed my PhD in physics at Colorado School of Mines and the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in 2021 under the supervision of Prof. Vladan Stevanović. During my PhD, I developed an algorithm to match crystal structures together which helps in describing transitions and interfaces between crystals. I was also a postdoc in materials discovery at the University of Toronto under the supervision of profs. Oleksandr Voznyy and Ted Sargent.

At Mila, I work in collaboration with profs. Yoshua Bengio and David Rolnick towards the discovery of catalysts for CO2 conversion to renewable fuels and materials for solid-state batteries.