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César Miguel Valdez Cordova

Lab Representative

I am enthusiastic about harnessing the lessons of who I believe is our greatest teacher –nature– to advance the field of machine learning. As such, I seek to develop algorithms inspired from the intricate challenges of understanding natural phenomena across scales, from molecules to populations, aiming to push the boundaries of both computational methods and fundamental scientific knowledge. Originating from Mexicali, the vibrant capital of the beautiful peninsula of Baja California, Mexico, my scientific journey has been one of diverse perspectives: from hands-on bench work during my Nanotechnology and Chemistry Engineering days at Tec de Monterrey to my current research role at the interface of the computational and natural sciences, enabled by a Master’s in Computer Science at the Ensenada Center for Scientific Research and Higher Education in Ensenada, Mexico and a subsequent Master’s in Artificial Intelligence in JKU Linz, Austria. Confident about the potential of Fair AI to benefit everyone, I seek to be a bridge between people and machines.