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Zachary Kenton

Invité, Visiteur, Post-Doc

I am a visiting postdoc at the University of Montreal, in the Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms, working with Dr Devansh Arpit and Prof Yoshua Bengio. My major interests are in theoretical aspects of deep learning, generalization and optimization. I am also interested in AI Safety – how we can align machine learning systems with human preferences.

Before this I was a Data Scientist at ASI Data Science. At ASI I applied machine learning to a range of projects for various organisations. I built a recommendation system for a major supermarket, made predictive models for a political campaign and improved donor engagement for a breast cancer charity.

I just completed my PhD at Queen Mary University of London, where I studied Physics. My PhD research was in theoretical physics, focussing on string theory and cosmology. My work was about how to model the universe just after the big bang.

Before my PhD I studied Mathematics at the University of Cambridge.