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Ryan Lowe

Visiteur, Doctorat

I am a Ph.D. student in Computer Science in the Reasoning & Learning Lab at McGill University, supervised by Joelle Pineau, and unofficially by Aaron and Yoshua at MILA. My current research involves building deep generative models for natural language, particularly in the context of dialogue systems. I’m generally interested in deep learning, reinforcement learning, causal models, and biologically plausible AI.

I sometimes like to think about existential risk and other societal impacts of AI. I co-organize the Montreal AI Ethics Group with founder David Krueger, where we discuss these issues with AI researchers at McGill and University of Montreal.

Recently, I’ve been working on building dialogue models and datasets. I’m also currently working on building a neural network-based model for evaluating dialogue responses in a way that actually correlates with human judgement, which we recently found was not the case for existing dialogue metrics.

You can see my full list of publications on my Google Scholar page, or visit my website.