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Petar Veličković

Visiteur, Doctorat

Petar Veličković is a Research Assistant in Computational Biology at the University of Cambridge. He is currently completing his PhD at the University of Cambridge, under the supervision of Pietro Liò. He has been involved in research placements at Nokia Bell Labs (working with Nicholas Lane) and Mila (working with Adriana Romero, Devon Hjelm and Yoshua Bengio). His current research interests broadly involve devising neural network architectures that operate on nontrivially structured data (such as graphs), and their applications in bioinformatics and medicine. He has published his work in these areas at both machine learning venues (ICLR, NIPS R2L, NIPS ML4H, ICML WCB) and biomedical venues and journals (Bioinformatics, PervasiveHealth). In particular, he is the first author of Graph Attention Networks—a popular convolutional layer for graphs—and Deep Graph Infomax—a scalable local/global unsupervised learning pipeline for graphs—and his research has been featured in media outlets such as ZDNet.