Iulian Vlad Serban

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Iulian Vlad Serban
Étudiant Doctorat (ancien)
Iulian Vlad Serban

About Me

I’m a Ph.D. student at University of Montreal, where I investigate the integration of deep learning models with reinforcement learning methods – research which now falls under the umbrella term « Deep Reinforcement Learning ». In particular, my current research at MILA focuses on dialogue and question answering systems. I’m jointly supervised by Aaron Courville and Yoshua Bengio, and I collaborate extensively with Joelle Pineau at McGill University.

Before starting my PhD, I obtained my master degree MSc. Machine Learning in 2014 from University College of London. Prior to that, I studied theoretical (pure) mathematics and statistics at the University of Copenhagen.

See my personal website for more information: http://www.iulianserban.com


Recent highlights:

See arXiv for a more complete list of publications: http://arxiv.org/find/cs/1/au:+Serban_I/0/1/0/all/0/1


See GitHub for open source code projects: https://github.com/julianser

For Students

I’m happy to co-supervise and collaborate with undergraduate students. Motivated students with a strong record in computer science, mathematics or statistics are very welcome to contact me.


iulian [DOT] vlad [DOT] serban [AT] umontreal [DOT] ca

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