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Iulian Vlad Serban

Étudiant Doctorat (ancien)

About Me

I’m a Ph.D. student at University of Montreal, where I investigate the integration of deep learning models with reinforcement learning methods – research which now falls under the umbrella term “Deep Reinforcement Learning”. In particular, my current research at MILA focuses on dialogue and question answering systems. I’m jointly supervised by Aaron Courville and Yoshua Bengio, and I collaborate extensively with Joelle Pineau at McGill University.

Before starting my PhD, I obtained my master degree MSc. Machine Learning in 2014 from University College of London. Prior to that, I studied theoretical (pure) mathematics and statistics at the University of Copenhagen.

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Recent highlights:

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For Students

I’m happy to co-supervise and collaborate with undergraduate students. Motivated students with a strong record in computer science, mathematics or statistics are very welcome to contact me.


iulian [DOT] vlad [DOT] serban [AT] umontreal [DOT] ca