Eva Portelance
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Eva Portelance

Posted on20 Jan 2023
Je suis recherchiste postdoctorale travaillant avec les professeurs Timothy J. O’Donnell et Siva Reddy. J’ai obtenu mon doctorat en linguistique informatique et...
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Adam Ibrahim

Posted on22 Nov 2022
Hello! I am a PhD student supervised by Ioannis Mitliagkas. I work on understanding and improving robustness to distributional shifts.

Zhixuan Lin

Posted on09 Oct 2022
I’m a research M.Sc. student advised by Professor Aaron Courville. My research focuses on deep reinforcement learning.

Tiffany Vlaar

Posted on27 Sep 2022
Postdoctoral researcher at Mila, with a background in Mathematics of Deep Learning (PhD, University of Edinburgh), Physics (MSc, Perimeter Institute) and Geophysics...
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