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21 Jun 2021

Research Assistant, Innovation to Promote Socially Beneficial AI

About Mila
Mila is the world’s largest academic research center in machine learning. Its mission is to be a global hub of scientific advancement that inspires innovation and the growth of AI for the benefit of all. This goal informs all aspects of Mila’s work, including the talent we train, the cutting-edge research we perform, the projects we build and the responsible AI we promote.

Background: UNESCO-Mila Publication
Mila and UNESCO are collaborating to provide an international, inclusive and bilingual publication detailing major blind spots in the AI ecosystem. As part of this publication, the AI for Humanity department at Mila will be writing a chapter dedicated to the question of how policy makers can and should intervene to incentivize socially beneficial AI technology for the benefit of the global community, including via financial, structural and regulatory measures at national and/or international level(s).

Job Description
As a Researcher, you will be responsible for conducting in-depth research on the innovation ecosystem in AI. This research will include the regulatory, economic and political factors influencing AI’s development and the implications of these incentives on the market for socially beneficial AI. The Researcher will also be expected to consistently present their findings to the AI for Humanity team.

● Conduct a literature review of the incentives influencing AI’s development
● Research the efficacy of possible recommendations to policy makers
● Draft a well-researched document detailing findings
● Present findings on a consistent basis to the AI for Humanity team

● Pursuing an undergraduate or master’s degree in political science, economics, international affairs or a related field
● Strong research skills, previous research experience preferred
● Out-of-the-box thinker

● Up to 50 hours in July with flexible working arrangement
● Remuneration will be in accordance with Mila’s policies

Please submit the following 3 documents by Friday June 25 th at 4:00pm ET to Allison Cohen at
1. Transcript (unofficial versions will be accepted, including screenshots from the University portal)

2. Resume
3. Statement of interest (250 words)

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