16 Aug 2019

Postdoctoral Fellowship in Machine-Learning-Driven Atomistic Simulations for Energy & Health (Bilbao, Spain & Waterloo, Canada) 

The project “Machine-Learning-Driven Atomistic Simulations for Energy and Biomedical Applications” will be led by the group of Modelling and Simulation in Life and Material Sciences at BCAM (Basque Country) and the MS2Discovery Interdisciplinary Research Institute at Wilfrid Laurier University (Waterloo, Canada). The objective of the project is to enable efficient and tractable simulations of several important classes of complex atomistic systems through the use of novel Machine Learning (ML) techniques, paying particular attention to those cases where state of the art Molecular Dynamics (MD) algorithms are lagging behind the current needs of challenging applications in energy and health. The postdoctoral candidate will work under the supervision of Ikerbasque Research Professor Elena Akhmatskaya (akhmatskaya@bcamath.org, MSLMS group, BCAM) and Tier I Canada Research Chair, Professor Roderick Melnik (rmelnik@wlu.ca, MS2Discovery IRI, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo). Deadline for applications is September 13, 2019 (to apply, please follow the instructions at this page: http://www.bcamath.org/en/research/job/postdoctoral-fellowship-in-machine-le arning-driven-atomistic-simulations-for-energy). 

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