Nadhir Hassen
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Nadhir Hassen

Posted on21 Jul 2021
I am particularly interested in approximate inference for neural networks and Bayesian optimization. I want to design algorithms that can incorporate prior...
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Alan Chan

Posted on17 Jul 2021
I am a PhD student advised by Nicolas Le Roux. Previously at Amii + UAlberta, I was an MSc student with Martha...
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Evgenii Nikishin

Posted on31 Dec 2020
Evgenii Nikishin is a PhD student at the University of Montreal advised by Pierre-Luc Bacon and Aaron Courville. He works on Reinforcement...
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Nadeem Ward

Posted on10 Dec 2020
Nadeem Ward is a Master’s student at Mila under the supervision of Prof. Doina Precup. His research interests are broadly focused on...
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Dinghuai Zhang

Posted on31 Aug 2020
Dinghuai is interested in many ML topics including causality, adversarial robustness and bayesian inference. His personal website is
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