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Yujun Zhong

Posted on10 Jan 2023
Yujun Zhong is a master’s student at Mila and Université de Montréal. His current interests lie at the intersection of computer vision...
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Arthur Ouaknine

Posted on12 Dec 2022
Postdoctoral researcher in deep learning applied to forest monitoring, supervised by David Rolnick. Related research fields: remote sensing, multi-modal learning, multi-task learning,...
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Jack Stanley

Posted on08 Oct 2022
Currently, I am studying how machine learning can be applied to biological and medical problems, specifically the integration of large and diverse...
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Siba Smarak Panigrahi

Posted on02 Sep 2022
I am a M.Sc. (Thesis) student at McGill University and Mila under the supervision of Prof. Siamak Ravanbakhsh. My research interests span representation learning , reinforcement...
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Andrew Zeng

Posted on04 Aug 2022
I study applied mathematics at McGill. I am currently working with Prof. Pouya Bashivan on using transformers to accelerate training of neural...
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Kory Mathewson

Posted on09 Jun 2022
Kory Mathewson is a Senior Research Scientist with Alphabet’s DeepMind and an Associate Industry Member at Mila – the Quebec Artificial Intelligence...
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