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Andrew Zeng

Posted on04 Aug 2022
I study applied mathematics at McGill. I am currently working with Prof. Pouya Bashivan on using transformers to accelerate training of neural...
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Simon Demeule

Posted on08 Jun 2022
Most of my research interests revolve around the design of neural network architectures for slightly unusual data and task modalities. My current...
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Junliang Luo

Posted on30 Mar 2022
Ph.D. student at McGill University supervised by Prof. Xue Liu.  Obtained M.Sc. from Dalhousie University. Research interests: Applied Machine Learning with Blockchain,...
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Boris Knyazev

Posted on10 Jan 2022
Boris Knyazev is a research scientist at the Samsung SAIT AI Lab Montreal. His research focuses on graph neural networks and computer...
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Haochen Shi

Posted on17 Nov 2021
Haochen is a first-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Computer Science and Operations Research (DIRO) at the University of Montreal, fortunately...
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