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Sunand Raghupathi

Posted on23 Aug 2020
I am a visiting research intern on the Visualizing Climate Change team, supervised by Prof. Yoshua Bengio and Dr. Sasha Luccioni. I’ve been...
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Adam Oberman

Posted on22 Jun 2020
Adam Oberman is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at McGill University, and director of the Applied Mathematics Laboratory...
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Siamak Ravanbakhsh

Posted on26 Aug 2019
Siamak Ravanbaksh has been an assistant professor at McGill University’s School of Computer Science since August 2019. Before joining McGill and Mila...
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Jesse Farebrother

Posted on14 May 2019
I am currently a graduate student at Mila / McGill University supervised by Marc G. Bellemare. I also share my time as a student researcher at Google Brain...
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Deepak Sharma

Posted on02 May 2019
I’m a Computer Science MSc. student working under Prof. Joelle Pineau (McGill University) and Prof. Audrey Durand (U. Laval), at McGill University....
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Derek Nowrouzezahrai

Posted on04 Apr 2019
Derek is an Associate Professor at McGill University, Director of McGill’s Centre for Intelligent Machines (CIM), the co-Director of McGill’s Graphics Lab...
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Timothy J. O’Donnell

Posted on04 Apr 2019
In my research, I develop mathematical models of language generalization, learning, and processing. My research draws on experimental methods from psychology, formal...
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