Paul François
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Paul François

Posted on14 Dec 2022
Paul François is a biophysicist focused on the application of computational methods (including machine learning) to evolution, embryonic development and immunology.

Timothée Lesort

Posted on05 Jan 2022
Postdoctoral Researcher under supervision of Irina Rish. Previously, PhD Sudent at IPP under the supervision of David Filliat. I am interested in...
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Nanda H Krishna

Posted on08 Sep 2021
I’m a Master’s student at Université de Montréal advised by Prof. Guillaume Lajoie. I’m interested in developing efficient and robust deep learning...
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Nadhir Hassen

Posted on21 Jul 2021
I am particularly interested in approximate inference for neural networks and Bayesian optimization. I want to design algorithms that can incorporate prior...
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Tara Akhound-Sadegh

Posted on21 Mar 2021
Ph.D. student supervised by Siamak Ravanbakhsh and Laurence Perreault-Levasseur. Interested in symmetries in deep representation learning, physics-informed machine learning, and dynamical systems.

Guillaume Dumas

Posted on06 Oct 2020
Guillaume Dumas is an Associate Professor of Computational Psychiatry in the Faculty of Medicine at the Université de Montréal, and the Principle...
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