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Ishaan Kumar

Posted on27 Aug 2020
I’m a prof. MSc. student here. As part of my internship project, I investigated and applied deep learning methods for processing sub-standard...
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Pratheeksha Nair

Posted on25 Aug 2020
I am interested in understanding and applying Machine Learning in applications benefitting society. I am especially interested in addressing questions related to...
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Sunand Raghupathi

Posted on23 Aug 2020
I am a visiting research intern on the Visualizing Climate Change team, supervised by Prof. Yoshua Bengio and Dr. Sasha Luccioni. I’ve been...
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David Rolnick

Posted on19 Aug 2020
I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Computer Science at McGill University and a Core Academic Member at Mila. I also...
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Soheila Samiee

Posted on03 Feb 2020
Soheila is a postdoctoral researcher at McGill university and Mila (in Dr. Richards group). Her research is mainly focused on brain-inspired artificial...
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Kian Ahrabian

Posted on06 Jan 2020
I’m an M.Sc. student at McGill University. Currently, I am working as a research assistant under the supervision of Prof. Jin Guo in...
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