Andrew Zeng
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Andrew Zeng

Posted on04 Aug 2022
I study applied mathematics at McGill and only recently became involved with machine learning. Broadly, I am interested in applying neuroscience research...
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Charmi Chokshi

Posted on07 Nov 2021
Charmi is a Machine Learning Engineer, one of the youngest Google Developers Experts in ML, and an international tech speaker. Currently, she...
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Chris Emezue

Posted on18 Sep 2021
I’m a Masters student in Mathematics in Data Science at the Technical University of Munich and a MSc Research intern with Professor...
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Nanda H Krishna

Posted on08 Sep 2021
I’m a Master’s student at Université de Montréal advised by Prof. Guillaume Lajoie. I’m interested in developing efficient and robust deep learning...
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Francis Carter

Posted on13 Jan 2021
I am a Master’s student in MILA’s professional program. Before joining MILA, I received my BSc. in Behavioural Neuroscience at Concordia University...
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Roy Eyono

Posted on12 Jan 2021
Howzit! I’m a PhD student at McGill University and MILA. I am interested in the problem of credit assignment in both artificial...
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Pravish Sainath

Posted on14 May 2019
I’m a Ph.D. student at Université de Montréal, advised by Prof. Guillaume Lajoie. The purpose of my life and study is to better...
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