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Haolun Wu

Haolun Wu

Posted on29/03/2022
I am a 3rd Ph.D. student at McGill and Mila. I am delighted in working with Xue (Steve) Liu, Fernando Diaz, and...
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Shuhao Zheng

Posted on07/03/2022
I’m currently a first-year Ph.D. student in McGill University supervised by Prof. Xue Liu. Before that, I finished my undergraduate study and...
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Naums Mogers

Posted on13/01/2022
I am a PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh (UK) working with Dr. Christophe Dubach on data-parallel language design and implementation...
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Meng Cao

Posted on05/01/2022
I’m currently a computer science Ph.D. student, fortunate to be advised by Professor Jackie Chi Kit Cheung. I am interested in abstractive...
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Devin Kwok

Posted on02/12/2021
I am a student with Professor David Rolnick (McGill University/Mila) who is interested in the theory of deep learning. My background is...
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Martin Klissarov

Posted on25/11/2021
I am a PhD student supervised by Prof. Doina Precup at McGill University and Mila. I am particularly interested in scalable human-inspired...
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Julia Kaltenborn

Posted on14/11/2021
Hi, I am Julia Kaltenborn! I am a Master’s student at McGill / Mila supervised by David Rolnick. My research aims to...
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Mattie Tesfaldet

Posted on21/10/2021
Mattie Tesfaldet (they/them) is a computer vision and machine learning researcher, artist, and DJ based in Montréal, Canada. They are pursuing their...
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Nadejda Zaharieva

Posted on06/10/2021
Nadi has a BSc in computational science (University of Waterloo) and an MSc in neuroscience (McMaster University). Having worked as a freelancer,...
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