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Ken Ming Lee

Razieh Shirzadkhani

Posted on12/08/2022
I’m a Master’s student at McGill University and a research intern at Mila under supervision of REIHANEH RABBANY. My research interests are...
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Andrew Zeng

Posted on04/08/2022
I study applied mathematics at McGill. I am currently working with Prof. Pouya Bashivan on using transformers to accelerate training of neural...
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Ziyan (Ray) Luo

Posted on29/07/2022
Hi there! I’m “Ray” Ziyan Luo, a Ph.D. candidate at Mila, McGill. I’m so lucky to work with (and learn from) Dr....
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Javin Liu

Posted on06/07/2022
  I am currently a student at McGill University majoring in Computer Science and Statistics. Currently, I am working in the complex...
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Jonathan Colaço Carr

Posted on29/06/2022
I think that AI will be one of the most important factors to the wellbeing of future generations and that it’s essential...
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Dun Yuan

Posted on09/04/2022
I am currently a first-year Ph.D. student at McGill University supervised by Prof. Xue (Steve) Liu as one of the members of...
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