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Philip Paquette

Dendi Suhubdy

Posted on12/05/2017
Graduate Student: In Computer Science Research: Hyperparameter algorithms, evolutionary algorithms, neural architectural search, deep learning for natural language processing Email: Office: #3248 Summary Dendi Suhubdy...
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Chin-Wei Huang

Posted on16/02/2017
I am a PhD student advised by Aaron Courville. I am primarily working on improving the expressivity of normalizing flows. I am...
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Kundan Kumar

Posted on15/10/2016
I am a Phd student advised by Aaron Courville and Yoshua Bengio. I work on generative models for sequences e.g. speech and...
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Joseph Paul Cohen

Posted on12/10/2016
Email: Online Profiles: LinkedIn, Google Scholar, My interests are in medical applications of deep learning: Medical Imaging: radiology, histology, microscopy, cell...
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Yikang Shen

Posted on12/09/2016
Yikang Shen’s current research interests focus on applying deep learning models to solve fundamental language understanding tasks.

Michael Noukhovitch

Posted on08/09/2016
I am a PhD student supervised by Aaron Courville working on Emergent Communication, Representation Learning (mostly for Language), and a bit of...
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