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Michael Noukhovitch

Michael Noukhovitch

Posted on08/09/2016
I am a PhD student supervised by Aaron Courville working on Emergent Communication, Representation Learning (mostly for Language), and a bit of...
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Christopher Beckham

Posted on30/08/2016
Research interests: adversarial and unsupervised learning, ordinal classification, and computer graphics.

Sai Rajeshwar

Posted on09/08/2016
I am currently a PhD student with Dr. Aaron Courville at MILA. Prior to that, I was working as a Research Engineer...
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Abdou Mousas

Posted on04/06/2016
I hold a B.Sc. in Mathematics (specialization in Algebraic Geometry) from the University of Athens and a M.Sc. in Neuroscience (specialization in...
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