Jiarui Lu
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Jiarui Lu

Posted on03 Oct 2021
Hi, I am a MSc student at Mila, supervised by professor Jian Tang. My research interests focus on graph neural networks (GNNs)...
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Xing Han Lu

Posted on19 Sep 2021
My research is mainly focused on Natural Language Processing (NLP). I am interested in task-centric dialogue and explanable question answering.

Kirill Vasilevski

Posted on15 Sep 2021
Working on computer vision and deep learning for medical imaging and neurological disease progression; under supervision of Dr. Tal Arbel at Centre...
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Diganta Misra

Posted on09 Sep 2021
In mathematics the art of proposing a question must be held of higher value than solving it.    –Georg Cantor I’m extremely...
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Nanda H Krishna

Posted on08 Sep 2021
I’m a Master’s student at Université de Montréal advised by Prof. Guillaume Lajoie. I’m interested in developing efficient and robust deep learning...
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