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Courtney Paquette

Posted on09 Dec 2019
Courtney Paquette joined the Mathematics and Statistics department at McGill University as an Assistant Professor in 2020. She received her Ph.D. from...
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Aishwarya Agrawal

Posted on04 Dec 2019
Aishwarya Agrawal is an Assistant Professor in the  Department of Computer Science and Operations Research  at  University of Montreal. She also spends...
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Jin L.C. Guo

Posted on04 Apr 2019
Jin L.C. Guo received her PhD from the University of Notre Dame. She is interested in utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to...
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Reihaneh Rabbany

Posted on12 Nov 2018
Reihaneh is an Assistant Professor at the School of Computer Science, McGill University. Before that, she was a Postdoctoral fellow at the School of Computer...
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Audrey Durand

Posted on12 Jun 2018
Audrey Durand is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering and the Department of Electrical and Computer...
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