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Ladislav Rampasek

Ladislav Rampasek

Posted on21/01/2021
Ladislav is a postdoctoral fellow investigating questions at the intersection of graph representation learning, graph signal processing, and geometric deep learning in the...
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Mikhail Galkin

Posted on16/01/2021
Mikhail is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the School of Computer Science at McGill University. He completed his PhD at the University of...
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Alex Hernandez-Garcia

Posted on12/01/2021
I am a postdoctoral researcher working with Prof. Yoshua Bengio. At Mila, I am working on projects that seek to have a...
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Edoardo Maria Ponti

Posted on07/10/2020
I am a prospective postdoctoral fellow at Mila – Quebec AI Institute / McGill University collaborating with Siva Reddy. I completed my Ph.D. in Computational Linguistics at...
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Qicheng Lao

Posted on10/08/2020
I was trained with software engineering, medicine, neuroscience, immunology, and end up here with machine learning. My current research interests include disentangled...
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Luke Prince

Posted on21/02/2020
I’m a postdoc with Blake Richards developing generative models for neural data.

Soheila Samiee

Posted on03/02/2020
Soheila is a postdoctoral researcher at McGill university and Mila (in Dr. Richards group). Her research is mainly focused on brain-inspired artificial...
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