Gonçalo Mordido
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Gonçalo Mordido

Posted on05 Mar 2022
Gonçalo is a postdoctoral fellow at Mila and Polytechnique Montreal working with Prof. Sarath Chandar and Prof. François Leduc-Primeau. His main research...
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Timothée Lesort

Posted on05 Jan 2022
Postdoctoral Researcher under supervision of Irina Rish. Previously, PhD Sudent at IPP under the supervision of David Filliat. I am interested in...
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Adam Coogan

Posted on29 Sep 2021
Adam Coogan is a postdoctoral researcher at the Université de Montréal and Mila. He develops searches for dark matter in astrophysical data,...
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Jason Hartford

Posted on06 Jul 2021
I am a post-doc working with Prof. Yoshua Bengio on exploration and knowledge-seeking learning algorithms for drug discovery. I am broadly interested...
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Ali Harakeh

Posted on30 Jun 2021
My long-term goal is to build robots that continually use the knowledge gained during their lifespan to improve their performance and learn...
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Tiago Salvador

Posted on28 Feb 2021
Dr. Salvador is a postdoctoral researcher at McGill university and Mila (in Professor Oberman’s group). His main research interests are in computer vision...
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