Sahar Dastani
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Sahar Dastani

Posted on20 Mar 2023
I am a Ph.D. student at Mila/ETS, supervised by Professor Samira Ebrahimi Kahou and Professor Rita Noumeir. Additionally, I am a graduate...
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Adam Ibrahim

Posted on22 Nov 2022
Hello! I am a PhD student supervised by Ioannis Mitliagkas. I work on understanding and improving robustness to distributional shifts.

Ziyan Luo

Posted on29 Jul 2022
Hi there! I’m “Ray” Ziyan Luo, a PhD student at Mila, McGill. I’m so lucky to work with (and learn from) Dr....
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Ethan Caballero

Posted on28 Aug 2020
website: x = ethan y = victor z = caballero email adresses:

Hadi Nekoei

Posted on27 Aug 2020
I am a PhD student at Mila advised by Sarath Chandar. I am broadly interested in understanding the principles of human intelligence...
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Pravish Sainath

Posted on14 May 2019
I’m a Ph.D. student at Université de Montréal, advised by Prof. Guillaume Lajoie. The purpose of my life and study is to better...
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