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Kenji Kawaguchi

Karan Grewal

Posted on19/05/2017
Hello! I work with Professor Yoshua Bengio and postdoc Devon Hjelm to develop and improve generative modelling algorithms.

Philippe Paradis

Posted on15/01/2017
I started my Ph.D at MILA in Winter 2017 For the curious, here is my master thesis: “On the Rational Retraction Index”

Max Kanwal

Posted on13/01/2017
I’m interested in problems at the intersection of theoretical neuroscience and artificial intelligence.  At MILA, I’m working with Prof. Yoshua Bengio towards bridging...
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Jason Jo

Posted on25/10/2016
Searching for the computational principles underlying cognition. I have a research newsletter: ZenMachine Research Newsletter And a general Github pages site: ZenMachine...
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