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Laura Ball

Mikel Menta Garde

Posted on15/03/2019
Intern at McGill during summer 2018 advised by Adriana Romero and Joelle Pineau.

Hossein Aboutalebi

Posted on18/10/2018
My main research area is focused on tuning and optimizing machine learning and deep learning models for medical and healthcare applications.

Kris Sankaran

Posted on05/09/2018
I’m currently a postdoc working with Yoshua Bengio on problems related to Humanitarian AI.  I’d love to hear your ideas about possible applications,...
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Jie Fu

Posted on10/01/2018
A happy 😄 machine learning postdoc with his human-friendly big AI dream. I’m focusing on drug discovery (antibiotic discovery in particular), supervised by Yoshua Bengio and Chris...
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