Enoch Tetteh
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Enoch Tetteh

Posted on21 Jan 2021
Currently working on the out-of-distribution generalization of X-ray images from multiple data distributions using computer vision. Supervised by Joseph Paul Cohen ,...
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Tianyu Shi

Posted on15 Sep 2020
My current research centers on the area of reinforcement learning and deep neural network, developing innovative methodologies and applications to address safety,...
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Hadi Nekoei

Posted on27 Aug 2020
I am a Research Intern at Mila advised by Sarath Chandar. I am broadly interested in Reinforcement Learning, Game Theory, and Representation...
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Shimaa Baraka

Posted on17 Feb 2020
My internship at MILA is concerned with humanitarian applications using Computer Vision, namely segmentation and Multi-Frame Super-Resolution. Supervised by Kris Sankaran and...
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Waleed Khamies

Posted on15 Nov 2019
I am a research intern under the supervision of Liam Paull, where my research focusing on developing deep learning algorithms that suitable...
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Gautier Cosne

Posted on19 Sep 2019
I am a Visiting Research Intern in the Climate Change AI team supervised by Prof. Yoshua Bengio and Dr. Sasha Luccioni. I am working...
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Posted on09 Sep 2019
Fairness/ Reinforcement Learning/ Computer Vision/ Machine Learning Enthusiast Awa is working with Joelle Pineau and Audrey Durand on Fairness in Reinforcement Learning...
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