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Selim Gilon

Student, Student M.Sc. Pr., Université de Montréal

Hi there! My name is Selim, I’m 22 years old and I was born in the French part of Belgium.
Before moving to Quebec, I studied a Bachelor of Science at the University of Maastricht (Netherlands). This program is mainly focused on artificial intelligence, applied mathematics, computer science and data science.I had the opportunity to work on very interesting projects throughout the curriculum during which I learned to work professionally in a team of 6 students.
At the end of the program, I had the incredible opportunity to write a thesis for a Dutch company. I analyzed the relationship between sub-optimal climatic conditions and the health of pigs. This first experience in the professional field as a data scientist was very rewarding.
I then worked as an intern in a medical company as a backend developer.

I am now pursuing my MSc in Machine Learning at MILA and the University of Montreal. It is truly a privilege to be part of this AI organization, among extraordinary students/researchers/faculty.
I am curious and I never stop learning. I like to tackle new real-life problems by applying my knowledge in computer science.

Outside of academia, I am an outdoor sports addict who never stops exploring. I am a student-athlete, competing on the UdeM cross country and track & field teams.

Fun facts about me: While in high school, I took firefighting classes for 3 years. I also joined the Belgian Air Cadets for 3 years, where I learned to fly gliders. My initial project was to become a fighter pilot, but then I fell in love with the computer world. But I still love flying.

I am currently looking for a summer 2022 internship where I can apply my knowledge in machine learning.