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Ngoupeyou Tondji Lionel

Visiting Research Intern, Intern

I am a summer research intern supervised by Prof. Guillaume Rabusseau. I am working on exploring fruitful connections between tensors and machine learning and on developing efficient learning schemes for structured data by leveraging linear and multi-linear algebra.

More generally, I am working on Tensor Factorization and Tensor Completion.

Originally, I graduated a Master’s of Science in Machine Intelligence from the African Masters of Machine Intelligence (AMMI).

I am interested in theoretical Deep Learning and I am excited about contributing to a technology that promises to have a big impact on the development of humanity.
In general, I am interested in research that tries to provide a clear explanation of why deep learning works well in the real-world applications.
My interest has been focusing on studying theoretical Deep learning and optimization with applications in Visual Recognition all within a Deep Learning context.