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Charmi Chokshi

Student M.Sc. Pr., Université de Montréal

Charmi is one of the youngest Google Developers Experts in ML and Google Cloud Champion Innovator and an international Tech-speaker. She is a Master student in ML at MILA and the University of Montreal. Currently, she is working at Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Textract as a Research Engineer Intern on model based Noisy Annotation Detection and Correction.

In the past, she has worked in the Smart Cities Mission of India at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and a fast-paced start-up, to build the Next Generation Document Agent to automate the paperwork involved in global supply chains for gigabytes of unstructured data.

She loves to play with data and present her findings. She wants to learn how the human brain functions and if we can tune its neural circuits forever?