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Visiting Researcher, Visiting Researcher

I am Bishnu SARKER from Bangladesh. I am a PhD student in France working at INRIA Grand-est center. My research is primarily to understand the functional characteristics of proteins using graph based approaches exploring structural and sequence information of proteins. This is a challenging task particularly because of the costs it incurs and also because of low number of labelled data. So designing an efficient automatic protein function annotation pipeline is necessary.  In general, I am finding application of NLP, Deep Learning and Graph Embedding to learn efficient vector representation of Proteins.

In Mila, I am working with  Professor Guy Wolf to understand the Geometric Scattering Transform applied in learning efficient graph representation. And I am expecting to apply this method to understand the functional characteristics of proteins. I am also investigating Relational Graph Embedding using Neural Network to perform a relation prediction task on Protein Knowledge Graph.

I am an AI enthusiast. I love to see AI is applied to healthcare and biology to solve century long puzzles.
Meeting people is my hobby. I speak Bengali, English and French a little. And I love cooking Bangladeshi dishes.