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Associate Academic Member
Benjamin C. M. Fung
Full Professor, McGill University
Benjamin C. M. Fung

Dr. Benjamin Fung is a Canada Research Chair in Data Mining for Cybersecurity, a Full Professor in the School of Information Studies (SIS), an Associate Member in the School of Computer Science (SOCS) at McGill University, and a Co-curator of Cybersecurity in the World Economic Forum (WEF). He also serves as Associate Editors for IEEE Transactions of Knowledge and Data Engineering (TKDE) and Elsevier Sustainable Cities and Society (SCS). He received a Ph.D. degree in computing science from Simon Fraser University in 2007. Dr. Fung has over 130 refereed publications that span the research areas of data mining, machine learning, privacy protection, cybersecurity, and building engineering. His data mining works in crime investigation and authorship analysis have been reported by media worldwide.

Dr. Fung’s research has been supported in part by Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC), and Fonds de recherche du Québec – Nature et technologies (FRQNT). He is a licensed professional engineering software engineering and is primarily affiliated with the Data Mining and Security Lab (DMaS) at McGill SIS. He is also an Affiliate Associate Professor in the Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering (CIISE) at Concordia University, an Associate Academic Member of MILA, and a Board Member of the National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance Canada (NCFTA Canada). He previously worked at SAP Business Objects for four years.



Detecting High-Engaging Breaking News Rumors in Social Media
Sarah A. Alkhodair, Benjamin C. M. Fung, Steven H. H. Ding, William K. Cheung and Shih-Chia Huang
MIS 2020


Embedding for Anomaly Detection on Health Insurance Claims.
Jiaqi Lu, Benjamin C. M. Fung and William K. Cheung
DSAA 2020
Differentially Private Data Publishing for Arbitrarily Partitioned Data
Rong Wang, Benjamin C.M. Fung, Yan Zhu and Qiang Peng
Information Sciences


A review of the-state-of-the-art in data-driven approaches for building energy prediction
Ying Sun, Fariborz Haghighat and Benjamin C.M. Fung
Energy and Buildings
Heterogeneous data release for cluster analysis with differential privacy
Rong Wang, Benjamin C.M. Fung and Yan Zhu
Knowledge Based Systems


Young Chinese Consumers’ Choice between Product-Related and Sustainable Cues—The Effects of Gender Differences and Consumer Innovativeness
Osmud Rahman, Benjamin C.M. Fung and Zhimin Chen
$${\textsf {SecDM}}$$SecDM: privacy-preserving data outsourcing framework with differential privacy
Gaby G. Dagher, Benjamin C. M. Fung, Noman Mohammed and Jeremy Clark
Knowledge and Information Systems


A cross-national study of young female consumer behaviour, innovativeness and apparel evaluation: China and India
Osmud Rahman, Zhimin Chen, Benjamin C. M. Fung and Devender Kharb
Journal of The Textile Institute
Systematic approach to provide building occupants with feedback to reduce energy consumption
Milad Ashouri, Benjamin C.M. Fung, Fariborz Haghighat and Hiroshi Yoshino
Detecting breaking news rumors of emerging topics in social media
Sarah A. Alkhodair, Steven H.H. Ding, Benjamin C.M. Fung and Junqiang Liu
Information Processing and Management


Authorship Analysis Approaches
Farkhund Iqbal, Mourad Debbabi and Benjamin C. M. Fung
(venue unknown)
Cybersecurity And Cybercrime Investigation
Farkhund Iqbal, Mourad Debbabi and Benjamin C. M. Fung
(venue unknown)
Authorship Attribution With Few Training Samples
Farkhund Iqbal, Mourad Debbabi and Benjamin C. M. Fung
(venue unknown)
Writeprint Mining For Authorship Attribution
Farkhund Iqbal, Mourad Debbabi and Benjamin C. M. Fung
(venue unknown)
Artificial Intelligence And Digital Forensics
Farkhund Iqbal, Mourad Debbabi and Benjamin C. M. Fung
(venue unknown)
Machine Learning for Authorship Attribution and Cyber Forensics
Farkhund Iqbal, Mourad Debbabi and Benjamin C. M. Fung
(venue unknown)
Criminal Information Mining
Farkhund Iqbal, Mourad Debbabi and Benjamin C. M. Fung
(venue unknown)
Messaging Forensics In Perspective
Farkhund Iqbal, Mourad Debbabi and Benjamin C. M. Fung
(venue unknown)
Analyzing Network Level Information
Farkhund Iqbal, Mourad Debbabi and Benjamin C. M. Fung
(venue unknown)
Learning Inter-Modal Correspondence and Phenotypes from Multi-Modal Electronic Health Records
Kejing Yin, William Cheung, Benjamin C. M. Fung and Jonathan Poon
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering
(2020-01-01)[LATEST on arXiv preprint arXiv:2011.06301 (2020-11-12)]
Enabling Secure Trustworthiness Assessment and Privacy Protection in Integrating Data for Trading Person-Specific Information
Rashid Hussain Khokhar, Farkhund Iqbal, Benjamin C. M. Fung and Jamal Bentahar
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management


I-MAD: A Novel Interpretable Malware Detector Using Hierarchical Transformer.
Miles Q. Li, Benjamin C. M. Fung, Philippe Charland and Steven H. H. Ding
arXiv preprint arXiv:1909.06865


Medical concept embedding with multiple ontological representations
Lihong Song, Chin Wang Cheong, Kejing Yin, William K. Cheung, Benjamin C. M. Fung and Jonathan Poon
IJCAI 2019


ER-AE: Differentially-private Text Generation for Authorship Anonymization
Haohan Bo, Steven H. H. Ding, Benjamin C. M. Fung and Farkhund Iqbal
arXiv preprint arXiv:1907.08736


A Cross-National Study of Consumer Behaviour, Innovativeness and Apparel
Osmud Rahman, Zhimin Chen, Benjamin C.M. Fung and Devender Devender Kharb
(venue unknown)


Incremental Mining of High Utility Patterns in One Phase by Absence and Legacy-Based Pruning
Junqiang Liu, Xinyi Ju, Xingxing Zhang, Benjamin C. M. Fung, Xiangcai Yang and Changhong Yu
IEEE Access
Asm2Vec: Boosting Static Representation Robustness for Binary Clone Search against Code Obfuscation and Compiler Optimization
Steven H. H. Ding, Benjamin C. M. Fung and Philippe Charland
S&P 2019


Learning Phenotypes and Dynamic Patient Representations via RNN Regularized Collective Non-negative Tensor Factorization
Kejing Yin, Dong Qian, William Cheung, Benjamin C. M. Fung and Jonathan A Poon
AAAI 2019
Towards a Knowledge-Based Recommender System for Linking Electronic Patient Records With Continuing Medical Education Information at the Point of Care
Manuel Gil, Reem El Sherif, Manon Pluye, Benjamin C. M. Fung, Roland Grad and Pierre Pluye
IEEE Access
A Hybrid Framework for Sentiment Analysis Using Genetic Algorithm Based Feature Reduction
Farkhund Iqbal, Jahanzeb Maqbool Hashmi, Benjamin C. M. Fung, Rabia Batool, Asad Masood Khattak, Saiqa Aleem and Patrick C. K. Hung
IEEE Access
Development of a ranking procedure for energy performance evaluation of buildings based on occupant behavior
Milad Ashouri, Fariborz Haghighat, Benjamin C.M. Fung and Hiroshi Yoshino
Energy and Buildings
Wordnet-Based Criminal Networks Mining for Cybercrime Investigation
Farkhund Iqbal, Benjamin C. M. Fung, Mourad Debbabi, Rabia Batool and Andrew Marrington
IEEE Access
Arabic Authorship Attribution: An Extensive Study on Twitter Posts
Malik H. Altakrori, Farkhund Iqbal, Benjamin C. M. Fung, Steven H. H. Ding and Abdallah Tubaishat
Learning Stylometric Representations for Authorship Analysis
Steven H. H. Ding, Benjamin C. M. Fung, Farkhund Iqbal and William K. Cheung
IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics

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