Admission Process for M.Sc.

  1. Complete the online MILA application form.
  2. We will send a message acknowledging that we have received the application.
  3. A MILA professor will examine your application (we receive numerous applications so this may take a couple of weeks, please be patient.)
  4. If your application is selected at this stage you will then be invited to an oral interview with one or two MILA professors via Skype or Google-Hangout.
  5. We will notify the accepted applicants in February. If the applicant was not selected they will be notified in March.
  6. After being accepted through the MILA admission process, students must register with the department of their supervisor. Refer to the next section only if you were accepted at MILA with a supervisor who is a faculty of University of Montreal.

Next Steps for M.Sc. at University of Montreal

Once you have been accepted at MILA, if your professor is affiliated with the University of Montreal, you must officially apply for admission in the Computer Science M.Sc. program within the University of Montreal Computer Science Department (Département d’Informatique et recherche Opérationnelle). More information is available on this page on the DIRO website, please read this page carefully.

  1. Submit your application , M.Sc. program: 217510 (in most cases segment 72).
  2. Send some accompanying original documents by snail mail.
  3. Your adviser will need to send to the department administration an acceptance letter stating that he agrees to supervise you during your Master’s program.
  4. Start the student permit / visa process as soon as possible (as it takes time to complete). An essential document for this process will be your official admission letter from the University of Montreal (that will be sent to you once the admission decision has been officially pronounced by the administration). Another important document will be a proof of sufficient funding. For this your adviser will have to send you a letter to attest that he will be supervising you and specifying your yearly funding.

If you still have questions, you can reach Linda Peinthière at: 1 514 343-6111 ext. 7472.