21 Feb 2019


Mila launches CCAI: an interdisciplinary project aimed at creating images of accurate, vivid, and personalized outcomes of climate change. Our goal is to use cutting-edge machine learning techniques to produce images of how neighborhoods and houses will look like following the effects of global warming. By creating a more visceral understanding of the effects of climate change, we aim to strengthen public support for necessary actions and motivate people to make impactful decisions.

The project is led by Prof. Yoshua Bengio (Mila) and Jennifer Chayes (Microsoft Research)

We’re Hiring

Prof. Bengio’s actively looking for interns to work on the CCAI project, who:

  • Are Masters or PhD students (strong undergrads will be considered)
  • Can start anytime (ideally April 2019), for 4-6 months
  • Have good coding skills
  • Depending on their degree, who have research experience in either:
    • Machine Learning/Deep Learning, especially using Generative Adversarial Networks
    • Climate/Meteorology/Computational Physics/Geo- & Planetary Sciences
    • Applied Math/Statistics
    • Game Development & Visualisation
    • Econometrics/Economic or Financial modeling
    • Behavioral/Cognitive Science
  • Software Engineers are also welcome.

You will be asked for your CV, a letter of motivation, transcripts, references and any proof of past research. Relevant personal projects and community involvement is a valuable asset.


For a brief project overview, refer to the links below:


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