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Inspiring Innovation and the Development of AI

Mila collaborates with a wide variety of local, national and international organizations to develop AI-driven projects, platforms and partnerships to accelerate economic and social innovation. 

Mila’s ecosystem relies on a community of more than 900 researchers, professors, scientists and students from the University of Montreal, McGill University, HEC Montreal, Polytechnique Montreal, as well as partner companies housed at Mila’s premises. This ecosystem is a true artificial intelligence (AI) hub in Montreal, which moves to the rhythm of numerous events and scientific exchanges.

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Taking Data Science to the Next Level with Machine Learning 

Mila’s culture enables it to push the boundaries of machine learning (ML) research. Mila’s ML lab stands out in the scientific community due to the impressive achievements of its researchers combined with the in-depth expertise of its technology and AI teams. Through its unique collaboration structure, Mila fosters the development and the application of AI with multiple key industry actors.

Impact in Research

  • Mila rallies 77 Faculty Members and 36 AI Canada-CIFAR Chairs;
  • Mila researchers published 260 scientific articles in 2019;
  • That same year, Mila members were working on a total of 154 research projects.

Impact on the Industry

  • Mila hosts 70+ industry partners in its ecosystem;
  • Mila supports 39 AI startups;
  • Mila co-authored 90+ papers with industrial collaborators in the past year;
  • Mila’s Applied ML Research Team led more than 10 applied research collaborations with industry and 12 short-term targeted interventions with SMEs in the past year.

Partnership Opportunities

Whether your organization is a local startup, has multiple offices worldwide, or is from the public or non-profit sector, you can find great value in entering Mila’s partnership program. Here is what the Mila ecosystem can offer. 

Our Community 

Join a unique co-working space and immerse yourself in our AI ecosystem through virtual or in-person encounters with our diversified community that has a base camp in Montreal’s AI hotspot. With its dedicated staff, researchers and industrial collaborators, Mila is the perfect place to learn about the latest techniques in machine learning and access exclusive content related to the AI industry.

Get direct access to Mila’s top AI talent through our biannual job and internship fairs exclusive to our partners. Whether you are looking for interns or full-time hires, our recruitment events will ensure you attract the top graduates you need for your organization.

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Research and Scientific Gatherings

Mila partners benefit from front-row seats to the latest scientific advances, publications and research trends through a rich program of events, including internal scientific presentations and reading groups, as well as world-class external AI events. Mila events include:

  • Weekly Reading Groups and Tea Talks
  • Partner-Exclusive Annual Symposium
  • Partner-exclusive Bi-annual Job and Internship Fairs

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Applied and Fundamental Research Collaborations

Are you looking for in-depth expertise in machine learning to help develop cutting-edge technologies and solve complex problems within your organization?

The Mila research teams are committed to applying the most recent developments in machine learning to tackle your high-impact projects. Whether you collaborate with our Applied Machine Learning Research Team or our academic professors, knowledge and know-how transfer always remain at the heart of our approach to ensure you build and strengthen your in-house machine learning capabilities throughout our collaboration. 


Startup Programs

Since its inception, Mila has played an active role in supporting and developing the ecosystem of AI startups. Two activities are at the heart of this mission:

  • Stimulating the emergence of new startups within our talent pool;
  • Collaborating with existing startups and offering our expertise.

Startups Mila

To date, 10 startups have emerged from our ecosystem as Mila Startups, underlining the recognition of their potential, fit with our values and expertise in AI. In parallel, 13 entrepreneurial projects are under development.

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Some of our Collaborative Projects

Institut de recherche d’Hydro-Québec (IREQ)

Mila’s applied research scientists work with researchers at IREQ to more accurately predict solar irradiance over a given territory, which is the amount of energy the sun releases when it reaches the ground.

The goal is to obtain forecasts that are better than those of weather models over a period of zero to six hours. This improvement in forecasting will primarily improve our understanding of the potential for electrical production using solar energy and provide tools to manage the electrical grid, given that its production fluctuates greatly over time.

Dialogue Technologies

A virtual health care provider, Dialogue provides a telemedicine platform that aims to facilitate diagnosis thanks to a chatbot that collects all relevant information about a patient’s symptoms by asking questions. Mila is helping the company make the chatbot more effective using reinforcement learning. The first goal is to collect all relevant information through effective dialogue to provide a health care professional with the elements to identify the pathologies from which the patient suffers. The second goal is to have a chatbot that can be easily modified to incorporate new pathologies or medical knowledge.

Natural Resources Canada

Mila is collaborating with the Geological Survey of Canada, a scientific agency of Natural Resources Canada, to build machine learning models that can predict the composition of minerals and other rock types in the substratum using reflective seismology data. This project poses major scientific challenges due to the noise in the data, the very limited amount of tagged data and the distribution of data that can vary significantly across geographic regions.


Giatec develops and manufactures smart technologies for the construction industry. These technologies analyze data to monitor concrete properties and perform quality assurance in more than 8,000 sites worldwide. Giatec was interested in using artificial intelligence to leverage the large amount of data uploaded from sensors. The company partnered with Mila in 2019 to target two main objectives. First, Giatec wanted to automatically infer the moment at which concrete was poured using nothing but data collected by a nearby temperature sensor. Second, Giatec wanted to use deep learning to determine the recipe that requires the minimal amount of cement while still offering the required level of quality. This recipe can have a significant environmental impact and potentially reduce CO2 emissions, which is in line with Giatec’s mission of reducing 400 Mt of GHG with AI. Mila assisted Giatec in transforming its data to a format suitable for training neural networks. Mila then guided Giatec on developing different models and ensured the company acquired experience in using these models. An overarching success throughout this project was the deep focus on transferring knowledge and knowhow to the team at Giatec. This ensured they developed the in-house expertise needed to finish this project and embark on many others. Based on this collaboration, Giatec deployed a product for concrete performance prediction, analysis, and optimization.

The Mila Partnership Team

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The Mila Applied Machine Learning Research Team

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