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Professional MSc

27 Sep 2018

Professional MSc

What are admission dates?

  • Please follow UdeM’s admission calendar.

How long will it take before I could get an answer about my application?

The admission process is managed by the University of Montreal, therefore MILA is not involved in this process, for more details, you must contact the admissions department.

Is MILA selecting the  Professional MSc students ?

  • Yes, and we will inform the DIRO

When is the recruitment period?

  • From October 15th to December 15th.

When do we get to know that  we are selected by MILA ?

  • Around the months of February to March.

Is there a supervisor?

  • Yes, Yoshua Bengio is the administrative supervisor of this program.

Duration of Prof MSc?

  • 2 years + 6 months internship, but it could also be 2 years including internship.

Is it possible to follow this program on a part time basis?

  • Yes,

What’s the admission term?

  • Only in Fall.

What’s the tuition fees for UdeM?

Do the professional MSc student get a scholarship from MILA?

  • The MILA scholarship is only for the students that are enrolled in the research program.

Where can I get some Financial support?

Do I have the possibility to get a teaching assistant position?

  • These position are reserved for PhD students.

Do we need a GRE certification?

  • Not necessary in order to get admitted to the program, although learning french would be an asset for you if you chose the Montreal job market.

What are the MILA prerequisites for selection?

  • GPA 3 and more, Computer science, programming, mathematics, background and DL, ML is a bonus.

I was selected by Mila as part of the Master’s program Prof. Now, I have applied for admission to the program at UdeM as recommended by Mila’s team. Will I be definitely admitted or is it still uncertain?

Admission to the Mila program is not a guarantee of admission to UdeM. Mila is not a university and has its own selection criteria, while the UdeM admissions committee must ensure that basic computer science requirements have been met.

How is Mila involved in the Professional Master’s program?

Most of the classes are taught by Mila’s professors and are held at Mila’s facilities. Mila also coordinates the internship once you have completed your required courses.

Is it possible to take all MSc Prof courses in English?

Yes, it is possible to attend your courses in English. The UdeM has a policy whereby you can request all evaluations (exams, assignments, etc.) in either language (eng/fr). This is true for all higher level courses. The language of instruction depends on the teacher. It is somehow guaranteed that the compulsory courses mentioned on the website of this program will be in English. This is not true for additional courses (e.g. algorithms) that the department may ask you to register for.

Do you have the opportunity to take courses offered at other universities affiliated with MILA?

Yes, however, this is not specific to Mila. Students from a Quebec university can enroll in courses at other Quebec universities through a program called BCI. To complete your 2 open electives, you can use this option to register for courses at McGill, Concordia, Poly, HEC;

Is the program offered to international students?

  • Yes, We encourage international students to apply..