14 Feb 2018

Director, software and technical support

The position supports fundamental research and R&D, as will as MILA operations, by providing technological solutions meeting the organisation’s needs. The director is responsible for process management of software development activities in fundamental research and R&D. He also manages operations associated with information technologies at MILA.

Duties for software support

  • Manages the software development team while staying actively involved in the development process;
  • Supervises the planning, organisation, coordination and controls the design, deployment and testing of software;
  • Participates actively in the architecture and design of software components to produce quality, integrated solutions;
  • Collaborates with the fundamental research and R&D teams;
  • Garanties a high level of quality for delivered software solutions matching requirements by internal partners and customers;
  • Establishes, implements and promotes best practices, methodologies and norms within the software development team;
  • Provides technical management, practical leadership and constructive supervision to team members;
  • Plans development activities and work of team members taking into account estimated effort and deliverables;
  • Participates in elaborating and estimating the calendar for solutions delivery;
  • Manages performance of team members;
  • Prepares and maintains project plans and budgets;
  • Promotes best practice for software development;
  • Prepares and presents project progress reports to management.

Duties for information technologies

  • Supervises computer infrastructure: administration of servers and workstations, computer security, network, phones;
  • Supervises equipment maintenance, operating systems and basic software and optimises computer ressources;
  • Manages priorities and implementation of projects;
  • Manages policies, procedures and technical norms related to IT;
  • Manages equipment and standard software used by the organisation;
  • Controls norms related to computer security;
  • Establishes budget and respects them;
  • Put in place an investment plan for upgrades to keep equipment and network at the cutting edge;
  • Manage relationships with suppliers;
  • Guarantees quality of service for equipment, software, network and phone.

Profile wanted

  1. 10 years experience in a similar position, management and hands-on experience
  2. Bilingual (French and English)
  3. Bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, or basic sciences with strong programming skills
  4. Good knowledge of systems administration
  5. Good interpersonal skills
  6. Participative management
  7. Political hability

Applications can be submitted to Luc St-Pierre.

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