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What is DESS (Diploma of Higher Specialized Studies)?

Duration of studies: 2 to 3 semesters (1 year)
Diploma awarded: Les diplômes d’études supérieures spécialisées (DESS)
Number of credits: 30

Diploma of Higher Specialized Studies (DESS) allow you to acquire the foundations of a specialization in a field of study of your choice. They also generally include a dimension of putting into practice the acquired theoretical knowledge, with the completion of an internship or the writing of a directed work. DESS is a perfect way of training if you are a professional in the industry or if you wish to undertake a short graduate training at the end of your undergraduate studies.

Mandatory classes

1st semester
6390 Fondements de l’apprentissage machine
6758 Science des données

2nd semester
6135 Apprentissage de représentations
6759 Projets avancés en apprentissage automatique

Note that 6390, 6758 and 6135 are taught in English.

Expected knowledge to succeed in the program

Sufficient knowledge in computer science and mathematics is expected to enter the program (and is one of the criteria evaluated by the admission committee). In particular, the program builds upon the syllabus of the following courses (or their equivalent), which should be mastered by students of the program:

  • MAT1400 – Calcul 1 (calculus)
  • MAT1600 –  Algèbre linéaire 1 (linear algebra)
  • MAT1978 – Probabilités et statistique (probability and statistics)
  • IFT2015 – Structures de données (data structures)
  • IFT2125 – Introduction à l’algorithmique (algorithms)

If sufficient knowledge of these topics is not satisfied, the department may impose additional courses (note that these additional courses are taught in French).

To get a clear idea of the prerequisites needed for the program, we invite you to consult the prerequisites page for the course IFT 6390 – Fondements de l’Apprentissage Machine, which is one of the first courses of the program.

It is also assumed that students have some proficiency in programming (the equivalent of the content of the course IFT1015).

DESS in Machine Learning

The DSS in machine learning provides the minimum training needed to acquire the basics of AI and machine learning, a specialization which is in high demand. This training differs from the courses in data science at the undergraduate and graduate level which allows the student to deepen their knowledge of machine learning and artificial intelligence. The student will benefit from the links existing between Mila (Institut Québécois de Artificial Intelligence) and private and public organizations that seek to incorporate these new technologies into their products and services, as well as the expertise of Mila researchers in this area, who will supervise the internships.

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