29 Nov 2018

Computer Hardware or Software Engineer in collaboration with Mila and Huawei

The Montreal Research Center of Huawei Technologies has opened several internship and full-time positions targeting deep neural network compression in collaboration with Mila. The Huawei AI team will closely work with Yoshua Bengio and the technology transfer team of MILA, to bring model compression into practice for futuristic products of Huawei.  The Huawei AI team specifically targets “binary and trinary quantization” for low-power devices in the first round of the project.

Students or professional who hold Canadian citizenship or a valid Canadian working permit have the chance for full-time employment. International students with restricted working permit can get on board through the “MITACS Accelerate” program only with written agreement of their academic supervisor.

Candidates who fit into one of these two profiles will be invited for the first round of the interview:

  1. Computer Hardware Engineering, or Electronics-Electrical Engineering with extensive knowledge in C++, and familiar with Tensorflow.
  2. Computer Science or Computer Software Engineering with extensive knowledge in Tensorflow, and familiar with C++.
    Familiarity with Caffe  framework is a plus, but not a requirement.

Candidates should apply by sending their cover letter and CV to vahid.partovinia@huawei.com

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